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That is very good news, which I wanted to pass on to colleagues this morning. Éstas son, a mi juicio, dos buenas noticias y me alegra comunicárselas esta.
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St. Louis’s Tourist Trolley Gets a Lifeline — But Is That Good News?

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Why Ihumātao truly is a piece of New Zealand's soul | Lucy Mackintosh

We were, to repurpose a dangerous phrase, sending our best — to the US and beyond. Of course the commentators were right. But one thing no one was anticipating was just how quickly the government would compensate for the brain drain with mass immigration. In , net migration was at 58, and in it was a little shy of 50, These are small numbers for countries such as Australia or the UK, sure, but for this country it was momentous.

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In the 20 years to , average net migration to New Zealand was only 13, And this year the country will reach another population landmark: 5 million people. It took more than 20 years to grow from 2 million to 3 million.

St. Louis’s Tourist Trolley Gets a Lifeline — But Is That Good News?

It took 30 years for it to grow from 3 to 4 million. It took only 16 years to reach 5 million. And we are, because of that growth, a country transformed. Population growth and the capital that comes with it are transforming the Auckland skyline.

I Have Some Very, VERY Good News.

Tradespeople from Asia, the Philippines especially, are in good part responsible for rebuilding Christchurch after the devastating earthquake in You can spot the transformation in schools, workplaces and universities, and the streets as well. Sure, there was a gap — sometimes even a chasm — between promise and practice, but the aspiration was there.