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"Resist not evil" at first glance seems to be confusing, illogical, and contradictory to God's Word. However, as we study this subject, we will see this truth to be.
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Were they unintelligent? What motivated them? In my reflections on our criminal justice system, I have found myself coming to the same conclusion as Darrow on this. We need to consider the psychological factors behind the crime, and then work to prevent future crimes in a manner other than attempting to scare someone straight. I like to think that Darrow, were he alive today, would be an enthusiastic supporter of the restorative model of justice see below.

Having just finished Murray Rothbard's " The Ethics of Liberty ", where he argued in favor of a more eye-for-an-eye system of justice in one chapter the rest is a good read; see my review , this book was certainly a breath of fresh air.

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It is a shame that a debate was never able to happen between Rothbard and Darrow in regards to the appropriate model of criminal justice in a free society that values liberty. A great book, written mainly from the anarchist branch of libertarian philosophy. Though, I don't agree with the proposal of essentially a no-state solution; what I do love about this book is the empathetic look at criminal justice and what needs to be done in order not to forget that the criminal is there as a matter of circumstance in most cases and that we should not forget their humanity.

Darrow even goes as far as to explore concepts of peaceful parenting, and how socially reproach A great book, written mainly from the anarchist branch of libertarian philosophy. Darrow even goes as far as to explore concepts of peaceful parenting, and how socially reproach behaviors which will not be conducive to producing an ideal outcome in people's personalities.

“Resist Not Evil”: The Supreme Test of Christian Discipleship

The main thing to keep in mind is that this book was originally published in , and there are a lot of, especially psychological claims, which Darrow makes, that he does not substantiate with presentation of research, and for that reason where Darrow delves into the psychology of things, especially where improving the social situation is concerned, the writing comes off as statements of idealistic desires than psychology as such. None-the-less this is a very good read and I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in exploring non-violent propositions to ending violence and crime in society.

This book's title comes from Matthew and goes on to advice turning the other cheek.

Matthew 5:39

In this small book by Clarence Darrow he expands on his philosophy of non-violence and his concerns about the legal system. He argues that the state is formed in violence and is thus inevitably corrupt and he argues skilfully against capital punishment and imprisonment. His proposal that the legal system has little to offer in the search or application of justice is well made and his swiftian arguments This book's title comes from Matthew and goes on to advice turning the other cheek. His proposal that the legal system has little to offer in the search or application of justice is well made and his swiftian arguments against the deterrent effects of capital punishment are clever and accurate.

A modest proposal for the most gory and public punishments for the encouragement of the others. Although dated in its style it is still easy to read and has relatively few items which anchor it in its period. May 20, Dina rated it really liked it. If you are into philosophy and especially the follower of peaceful resistance, this is your book.

Written in a clear language, intelligent and full of forgiveness towards human. I really can't praise it enough, one needs to read it. Unfortunately, no solution to human behavior is given. The reader is left with a feeling that strong will always rule the weak, and weak fates are already predetermined. A short yet powerful book on the problems of a punished-based judiciary system.

Some parts of the book stray off into contemporary pseudoscience like phrenology, but when Darrow writes about the core topic his words are always well chosen and the impact on the reader profound. Josh Hanson rated it really liked it Jul 16, Chris rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Lyndon Moore rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Mike rated it it was amazing Mar 13, James Gettinger rated it really liked it Aug 13, Nick rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Mr Terry Jordan rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Joe rated it really liked it Oct 07, Drew Reilly rated it really liked it Sep 19, Scott Wright rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Jay Van rated it did not like it Mar 29, Osiris Oliphant rated it really liked it Oct 17, Joseph Navarro rated it really liked it Nov 01, Keith Lozon rated it liked it Jul 11, Kevin Cool rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Marc rated it it was amazing Jul 07, Janusz rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Mark rated it really liked it Jul 02, Gilbert Albertson rated it really liked it Jan 12, Nick Plutchak rated it it was amazing May 16, And this means all of us, for none of us is free on this score.

We all tend to repress our pain, to live with the misery that goes back to the experiences of our youth. We all succumb to the temptation to resist that which would cause us pain. In the same way, when we wake up, our attitude toward disease and illness changes. People who are awake know better. They realize that any form of pain transient or terminal, simple or complex is a valuable message from the body for the benefit of the entire being.

A key element of waking up is becoming conscious of what we are manifesting in life. When we wake up, we start to recognize just what we are choosing to energize.

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For most of us, it comes as something of a surprise to realize that we are actually choosing to energize what comes to us. For most of us, we find that it requires conscious effort to watch our thoughts, to change our beliefs and attitudes, and to reframe our actions so as to focus on the positive that we want to enjoy. And for some of us, particularly those with low self-esteem, conscious effort must go into re-visioning our basic self-image, so that we feel worthy of having good things in our lives.

Leap froggers are change agents.

No effort in life really works well that tries to defy the Universal Laws. We must energize a positive reality and be driven by positive visions, not negatives. You must also know and hold in mind what you do want, the desirable, positive, beneficial reality that frees, releases and empowers you and others. Here are some concrete examples:. Appalled at this state of affairs, Fred was determined to do everything he could to fight this poverty. They poured money into it, set up food banks and expended tremendous time, energy and personal resources into doing everything they could to fight poverty.

But, for all their efforts, the group never succeeded in eliminating poverty. The Universal Law suggests that these well-intentioned folks were actually energizing the poverty they wanted to eliminate.

Resist Not Evil

Far better would it be to form a group focused on abundance and providing food for all. Putting the conscious focus on the positive—food, nutrition, nourishment, abundance—would energize what they wanted to bring about. But nothing ever seemed to change. But SAFE was not the way to go about dealing with this issue.

Roxane got out of that organization and set up a very different group, focused on building strong families, providing loving homes for children, and empowering women to develop their full potential. Roxane came to realize the need to energize the positive: domestic harmony, families that work, and caring environments for children.

She knew this was a huge challenge, given the many centuries of tradition that lay behind the way blacks and women were treated. She needed to try something new.

The "Yes But" problem

In many ways, his conclusions are the same ones that Murray Rothbard came to so many decades later. The remarkable fact is that Darrow's book was published in , when the state was much smaller and had not built its current-day empire of tax-funded police, prisons, and courts. Fair warning: This book is extremely unsettling. It will shake you fundamentally.

You will never look at judges, police, courts, and jails the same way. It could change your whole outlook on politics — permanently. Facing Life Fearlessly.

The Story of my Life.