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One-two, , 1 & 2 or 1+2 may refer to: Schweizer SGU glider. Contents. 1 Sports; 2 Music; 3 Technology; 4 See also. Sports[edit]. Push and run in soccer.
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US markets will be closed on Thursday, and many traders are set to skip work on the following day — Black Friday. Trade headlines are set to continue rocking markets. Any optimism toward reaching a trade deal may boost the dollar on lower chances for a rate cut. Downbeat comments may send the greenback lower.

Several housing figures are of interest on Tuesday, with New Homs Sales set to hold onto high levels over , units annualized. It may advance in this publication for November. A big bulk of figures is due out on Wednesday. The second read of US Gross Domestic Product for the third quarter is watched for any changes to the 1.

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While the US is outperforming its peers in the developed world, the expansion rate remains sluggish and may worsen. Durable Goods Orders for October — already in the fourth quarter — are published at the same time and may steal the show. The most significant measure is Nondefense ex-air orders, which dropped by 0.

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It provides anecdotal evidence from the Fed's contacts, and it may shed some light on the economic situation and the impact of trade. Here are the top US events as they appear on the forex calendar :. The Japanese yen holds onto its throne as the king of safe-haven currencies. It has an inverse correlation with the mood in trade talks and is also sensitive to geopolitical events.


Iran has increased its nuclear capabilities, and North Korea is also frustrated with US policy. Flare-ups on both fronts may boost the yen. In Japan, the most significant economic release comes from the Tokyo region. Inflation figures for November will likely show meager levels of inflation. Consumer Price Index excluding fresh food, stands out. Industrial Production figures may also be of interest.

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September's data have shown an annual increase of 1. Momentum continues flat. Support awaits at But the two teams of researchers disagree on a key point: whether the impact from space came first and boosted the eruptions into a climate-altering, dinosaur-killing frenzy, or whether they were two unrelated disasters with remarkably bad timing for the beasts that once stalked our planet and still stomp through our minds.

After decades of arguments between asteroid advocates and volcano boosters, in some scientists suggested both might be right, because an asteroid impact in Mexico—marked by a crater named Chicxulub—may have created seismic waves that shook the planet so violently that it sped up ongoing volcanic activity under India. That magma, in a region called the Deccan Traps, exploded in sunlight-dimming eruptions that chilled the climate, and then their release of carbon dioxide would have warmed it—a whiplash few creatures could survive.

The idea was eruptions and impact together may have wiped-out the dinosaurs along with nearly 70 percent of species in a mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period. The papers published today, revealing newly refined dates for both the lava flows from the eruptions and traces of the asteroid impact in other rocks, were supposed to reinforce this notion. But the sets of dates—one from scientists at the University of California, Berkeley , and the other from a group at Princeton University—come from different ways of dating rocks, and they disagree.

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The Berkeley team, led by Courtney Sprain a geochronologist now at the University of Liverpool , used a method called argon—argon dating on samples from lava flows in India that occurred near the end of the Cretaceous, and compared them with dates for the asteroid impact drawn from other rocks. They were able to put the date for the asteroid impact at The sequence convinced them there was indeed a boost to the eruptions right after the impact, validating the asteroid-to-eruptions idea. But the Princeton team, led by geochronologist Blair Schoene and using another method called uranium—lead dating, concluded the opposite.

The Princeton scientists used it to compare the age of volcanic ash from the Deccan Traps lava flows to rocks found in Colorado that bore the mineral signatures of the asteroid impact. Bronze Silver Gold. Our mobile app.

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