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Had a problem with it. Will turned to Kirk. He has mad skills in the garage. His loss would definitely be our gain. Damn his redheaded pale complexion for making it obvious that he was flustered.

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He turned to look at the man he was hoping would hire him. Will removed his hand quickly, giving him a serious stare. I needed to find a place to work first. Now I can find a place to live. Kirk spoke from his spot behind the desk. The previous owner lived in the apartment above the garage before he died of a heart attack. If you want, you can rent it. It definitely needs some work.

The guy was a slob. You in? An hour later the paperwork was completed. So, no excuses about your commute. Lee laughed at the joke, as he was meant to. The metal stairs clanged as they walked up to the fire safety door at the top. Kirk handed him a key chain with four keys on it. The gold opens the front door of the shop. I have no idea what the other two are for. Maybe they open something in here.

Chasing The Dream

Lee used the silver key to open the door, then stepped into the apartment and got his first look. Anything you do will be an improvement. Lee crossed the empty living area to see the kitchen for himself. The rest consisted of a good-size bedroom, a second smaller bedroom and the aforementioned bathroom. Someone had painted the walls a brilliant fuchsia that hurt the eyes when the light fixture was turned on. The cabinet was painted a bright brassy gold color that matched the fixtures on the tub and sink. Ornate did not even begin to describe them.

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This is bad. He seemingly went with what was deeply discounted or free. One of the guys said he loved to go to garage sales. You should have seen the furniture.

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I swear the couch disintegrated on the way to the dumpster. Lee took another look around at the small space. I thought it was a reflection of the paint. Well, let me show you the one already good thing about this apartment before you run screaming. This is fixable.

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The door had stairs leading up. Stepping onto the roof, Lee sucked in a breath.

One end had a glassed building similar to a greenhouse, with one of those combo heating and air conditioning units, likely to extend the amount of time it could be used. The rest of the space was set up as a barbecue and relaxation area. This had obviously been where the previous owner had spent most of his time. The built-in grill was amazing. The furniture was surprisingly tasteful and of good quality. The greenhouse would be perfect for his artwork. Thank you. Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.

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